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Sell high on Hyde?


Should i sell high on Hyde? If so who can i get??


Well what’s your team looking like? Do you need a RB? a WR? a TE?


Qb: Mariota, Luck
Rb: McCoy, Gurley, Hyde, Abdullah, C. Johnson
Wr: Jeffery, Maclin, Kupp, Diggs, John Ross, C. Coleman
Te: stream


12 team .5 ppr


That’s a pretty solid team! You don’t need another RB and even your WR’s are good, you could get probably any TE you wanted for Hyde other than Gronk. Look around your league and find whoever needs a RB and has a good TE you could trade for. The TE position is overlooked but having a consistent, solid TE could do wonders for your team.


Thanks! Il try it out!


There is no way I’d sell Hyde for a TE other than Gronk, Kelce, or MAYBE Ertz. Even the last two i don’t love. The TE position can be easily streamed and you’ll never regret having depth at RB. Selling high on Hyde is a good idea, but is probably try to upgrade WR.