Sell High on James Conner?

Is it time to sell high on James Conner? 12 team, full point PPR, dynasty team. My RBs are Kamara, Mccaffrey, Conner, Collins, and Breida.

I am being offered: 2019 1st + 2020 1st + Carlos Hyde for Conner.

Do I sell high, or do I hold onto him for this year’s value and beyond (assuming Bell doesn’t sign with the Steelers and Conner is an RB1 moving forward past this season)?

Thanks for the help and thoughts

It’s a game of musical chairs… do what’s best for your fantasy team. You got a solid group of running backs, not sure how savvy your league mates are but I would do some fishing and see what kind of WR you can get in return. Just don’t settle for Allen Robinson or a guy outside the top 15… shoot for the stars.