Sell High on KJ?

So just listened to a youtuber make a pretty solid case on selling high on KJ. Curious on your thoughts.

Here were his points:

1 TD on season
1 Big game vs 31st ranked run D
Riddick coming back will hurt him
Blount getting goal line carries

If this is true, this is probably a great time to sell high on him. I’m personally leaning towards holding him though.

It seems like those have been the arguments against him all season though and he is still producing. His schedule down the stretch is definitely more difficult than the schedule he has played to this point though.

That’s true. This is the first time i’ve given this a thought and it’s starting to make sense. I’ve looked through the league though and am having a rough time coming up with a solid trade opportunity for him. Not because of his talent, but because i’ve sorta exhausted my trade opportunities with the few people that trade in our league. Just going to ride him out, mostly on my bench.