Sell high on Kupp?

Full PPR

I love Kupp, but he’s done this before… I guess the only question is, does he continue this dominance now that he has Stafford rather than Goff? Or should we capitalize on his current value? I’m getting offers like ARob plus Sutton for him and I’m really struggling for a flex.

WRs: Kupp, Jefferson, Shenalt, C.Davis
RBs: Najee, Mixon, CEH, Javonte, Ty’Son

I’d hold the line.

Corey Davis is going to be a fine Flex more often than not (just a slow start) and you honestly have enough talent there to cobble together a package to improve your flex without touching your top-4 players.

Kupp already had a top-5 season under his belt and his skill set is the biggest beneficiary of Stafford’s arrival to Los Angeles. There’s no reason to think he’s not going to continue smashing.

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Sutton and arob is enticing but stafford is locked on kupp and w/o Akers they are going to continue to heavily rely on the passing game

Yeah Id hold him unless we’re talking the top WRs like Tyreek