Sell high on Lockett?

10 team, Superflex HPPR.
We start 3 WR weekly. Would you sell Lockett for 2021 picks?

I have 6 picks this year too and will be drafting Raegor or Ruggs at the 1.09.

Other WR are Godwin, Adams, Landry, Cooks, McLauren, Beasley

If you can get a good return I’d do it. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the pass attempts in Seattle figure out; both how many there are overall and the split between Lockett and Metcalf. If you want to get out of that situation then I say go for the picks (especially if you’re not in contention this year)

Agree, get someone who needs a wr and sell him. Metcalf is a beast and his hands improved a lot during the season so even if Wilson would aim for Lockett, DK will just snatch all them balls.