Sell high on Mahomes?

I have previously asked about my situation with Mahomes and Wilson, and one suggestion was to sell high on Mahomes and roll with Wilson (hoping that he gets better as the season progresses).

I’m pretty set already with Gurley, Kamara, J.Howard and Conner
And a few decent WRs; Diggs, Sanders, Davies, J.Brown, Baldwin
It’s a standard league and I’m 4-0-0.

What if I targeted a struggeling owner with an RB1 or WR1 like Zeke, barkley, Gordon, Brown, Hopkins or Julio Jones but lacks a good QB?

And then try to sell Mahomes in a package with an RB or WR?
Is Mahomes+Howard reasonable to obtain a top RB1? (Conners ROS value is difficult to predict as long as the Bell situation is unclear)

or Mahomes+Diggs for a top WR1? (maybe I can go lower with Mahomes+Sanders…? I’m fine starting John Brown or Corey Davies ROS given their rise in production, or Baldwin when/if he gets better)

I’d rather get my hands on a every-week-starting RB than a WR1 though.

I wouldn’t mess with that team. Our teams are similar and I’m 3-1 because I didnt roll Sanders over Hogan week 1. I have Mahomes/Watson with Gordon/Kamara/CmC/Conner at RB and Hopkins/Sanders/Baldwin/Cole/Williams/Cooper and constantly tell myself just leave it alone. So do the same.

Though I did offer Mahomes/Conner/Cooper for AB and Ingram to someone yesterday.

true… I just needed to free up a bench spot and therefor a 2-for-1 deal was tempting, especially if I could upgrade on a more valuable position than QB.