Sell High on Malcolm Brown?

Should I sell high on Malcolm Brown, or do you think he retains his role/ opportunities season long?

Any thoughts on underperforming Week 1 players I could target in a trade?

Depending on what position you need, for WR i would target DJ Moore and Kupp they under performed this week and owners might be scared by that. For RB i would target Joe Mixion or Chubb, however i think that these players will be harder to trade for. I do believe that Malcolm Brown could be a big part of that team but i feel like these players have more upside.

What are your feelings on Miles Sanders? Would he be a good trade target?

I like Sanders this year, and his injury dosnt seem to be that serious (Unless they are hiding it), you might be able to get him for cheap, the only thing i worry about is that offense because they fell apart in the second half. Sanders is a big part of that offense and if hes healthy and on the field then i think he will be great. If you are able to get him for cheap-ish then go for it.