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Sell high or keep Gurley?


I know the guys talked last week about selling high on Gurley after week 3 because of a difficult upcoming schedule but after TNF last week, I believe Andy tweeted about keeping Gurley regardless because of his volume. What are your thoughts? Keep him despite the upcoming games or sell high on him?


If you can get hunt, bell, Freeman, zeke sell.

If not prob hold.


Bump. Following. In the same boat.


I was offered Fournette and Kelce for Gurley.

My RB’s are Gurley, Hunt, Gordon, Anderson, and an injured DJ (start 2 RB’s , 1 FLEX).
My TE’s are Reed and currently streaming Engram.

Should I pull the trigger? Standard format.


Yeah… I say you take it… you get a RB1 and a TE1 by trading a RB1… Kelce hasn’t been awesome this year. I think that will change though…and health wise he is way better than Reed


Same minus Zeke.


Yes I would say that’s a good trade. Pull the trigger