Sell High Ty Montgomery?

With the news coming out about Ty Montgomery’s role and GB wanting to decrease is workload…is it time to sell high on Ty? Thoughts.

Is it PPR or standard? in PPR the workload is still there.

the source for that news was sketchy af. some beat writer for a news paper said ty mont is going to lose snaps cause hes at like 92%. a. not sure if credible, b. even if he loses snaps he could still be at 80+ percent. they arent taking his snaps for lack of production, if anything it would be to protect him from an injury so he can keep balling.


PPR - I have him cuffed with Williams just in case is Sickle Cell trait starts to act up. But I appreciate the input.

Nice…good insight. It’s ppr as well even if he loses a few snaps might not be a bad thing. Beat writer made it seem like his workload was about to drastically decrease. Appreciate it.

I’ve got him in a .5ppr and my thinking is they want to reduce his snap count, but not workload. He only had 15 touches last week, and I think that’ll be close to what he stays at throughout the season. 15-20 game.

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With the way the Packers offensive players are dropping these days, they may not be able to afford to cut back on his usage. I would hold onto him unless you get something really good for him.

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If he’ll stay around those amount of touches I’m fine with them reducing his snap count…even better for him. Let Williams or Rip come in and block etc. Just don’t want him losing goal line or passing down work.

That’s what I’m thinking…don’t want to “outsmart” myself and dump him prematurely

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