Sell High?

I am 6-0 and cruising (just picked up Evans too). I’m in a 1/2 PPR Auction Dynasty League with a $280 cap).

Does is make sense for me to offer the following:

I give: Fitzgerald ($28), CJ Anderson ($27), and ASJ ($3)

I get: Michael Thomas ($9), T. Coleman ($14), Kelce ($12)

Current Roster:
Bench: Doctson, Rawls, Amendola, Kittle, Benjamin, Palmer

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If the other owner will accept then absolutely! Thomas will be a stud for years and Kelce is an improvement


@Nessy57 YES YES YES!!! I mean not sure if they will go for it… but if they do I would in a heartbeat.
Love Larry, but he’ll be done this year if not next year. CJ is an injury risk, and now there’s talk about him in a RBc (not sure if i buy it, but regardless). And ASJ = best streaming TE right now, but he’s a streamer.

Thomas = Stud (wonder how he’ll be without Brees, but I’m sure he’ll still be #1 wr there.
Coleman = Stud, just a back up right now. Next year I think he goes to a different team.
Kelce = Focal Point of KC offense. Injuries concern me a little, but i think he has trade value if you wanna trade him.


Does it change anything if Kelce can’t be kept but the other can? Also, I offered to give up Benjamin and get Corey Davis as part of this (he’s a huge Panthers fan).