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Sell Mahomes high?


Mahomes ROS schedule isn’t great. Even though he’s been mostly matchup proof, DEN and JAX showed he could put up average numbers.

Drew Brees has a great fantasy playoff schedule. Discussing this trade… 6pt passing TD, 1/2PPR… everything else the same
Big money, highly competitive league

Mahomes + Jordan Howard for Brees + Zeke

My team
QB: Mahomes
RB: Gurley, Tevin, Howard, Gurley handcuff, dontae foreman
WR: AJ, Tyreek, J. Gordon, Davis, Meredith, Tre’Quan
TE: Kittle, Hooper


I can see why you’d want to do that but if I were the Brees owner there’s no way I would do that


I agree with JPlum. The swap of Howard for Zeke tilts it way too much in my opinion.