Sell me on Devonta Freeman

So Freeman and the falcons OL has looked rough in the preseason and week 1. Listening to multiple podcasts though, I’ve heard a lot of talk to buy low on Falcons players now. Can someone tell me why he’ll bounce back and have a good year?

My bad, it’s in a 12 man .5 PPR league

Minnesota is a really good defense, especially up front. If he lays another turd this week against the Chargers (after what Mack did), then I would panic.

I drafted Freeman also… Trying not to tilt as well…


Sorry, just had to vent.

I’m actually in a position to trade D Montgomery + Allen Robinson for Freeman and Ertz, so that’s why I’m asking hahaha. I did not draft him

The Falcons don’t play the chargers at all this year haha they play the eagles in week 2 on snf

Yep, sorry about that. Looked at the games too quickly. Had Kerryon on the brain. I would definitely do that trade. I think Montgomery will be used more but there are still 3 good RBs in Chicago. Ertz is definitely > Robinson.