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Sell on Jordan Reed?


I’m in a 12 man PPR league and have been holding on to Jordan Reed all season and tonight he goes off for 26 points. Do I hold on to him or sell him high after his monster game?


Not gonna lie its slim pickings for Tes but if you can find someone really desperate for a TE and get an amazing wr1 or rb1, then yes i would, but otherwise i wouldn’t.


i totally agree with that-I think im gonna hold on to him. Injuries happen and it is definitely slim pickens in the TE department.


I have ASJ and have been starting him the past three weeks instead of Reed


I have Reed as well. Was wondering if he was a sell after this week or not. I also have Gronk. So for me if someone would take him and a RB2 for a WR1 or RB1 Im gonna pull the trigger. I also had Grahm on my team at one point. I was able to flip him and A Cooper (2 weeks before his moster outing) for K Allen.


ASJ doesnt scare me point wise as Reed does.


So should I sell Reed and keep ASJ? or trust Reed for the rest of the season and trade ASJ? My WR corp is thin so I need to trade away a TE to get a better WR


If i were to trade him i would do it asap.


Seems like the only time he produces is when he is on the bench.