Sell Quality Depth for Top Tier Talent?

Redraft .5 PPR
WRS: Mike Evans, Mike Thomas, Robert Woods, Marvin Jones

RBS: Kamara, McCaffery, Sony, Kerryon, AP, Marshawn

Drew Brees at QB, Jimmy Graham at TE,

Im fine rostering all the Saints I don’t have an issue with it in PPR…

Wondering if I should do a RB/WR or RB/RB/WR deal to make a big upgrade at WR/TE? (one of the ELITE options) or just ride it out

Be interested to hear your comments on the theory regardless… Do y’all prefer quality depth or top tier options

Lol. “Who’s on your team?”
“The Saints.”
“Which ones?”
“All of them”

But for real though your team is pretty incredible and you are past some important byes already as well. I don’t think you really need to change anything, but if possible you could try to swing your RB depth and maybe a lesser wr to replay Graham

Your team is incredibly stacked (full of studs) and has great depth at RB specifically. I think you can afford to upgrade your WR in an RB/WR package type deal. As Lynch has shown you twice now, he can easily get scripted out of a game given how bad Carr is.

If you can, I would definitely try and package someone like Evans + Lynch to get someone like Keenan Allen or OBJ who I view as superior receivers. And as good as it is owning both Kamara + MT, I think you can also easily swap MT into an equally good receiver to diversify your offense a bit. You could probably easily do a 1 to 1 trade of MT and Nuk or MT and AB even. And those are 3 receivers I view as the same tier currently.

Lastly, you can definitely upgrade a TE. My TE targets this year have been Kittle, Njoku, and OJ Howard. Unfortunately, all of them have had their blow up games so you may not be able to get for too cheap. Hopefully graham has a good game this MNF so you can sell high on him. You honestly might even be able to target gronk owners who are frustrated with him not putting up monster games as of yet. I truly believe those are coming and if in the meantime, that means I get floors of 10 points at the TE position, I’m happy to take it.