Sell t coleman now?

With freeman out colemans value obviously sky rockets however with ito smith being the falcons future its make me worried thats hes gonna be getting a big chunk of snaps even more so considering coleman is gone after this year my other rbs are J Howard breida yeldon lewis cohen and r freeman

coleman is still the lead back. Although he has been one of the most inefficent players in the league, he still could be a solid RB2. Not a bad idea to trade him, but Id suggest you package him maybe with howard or lewis or freeman to try and get a low end RB1 (mccaffrey maybe even or michel…)

Coleman and howard for mccaffrey? That seems a little much but i do have cohen aswell

I would do that. Like you said, Ito is the future and Coleman is gone this year, the Falcons might look to see what they have with smith. If you can get CMC in return I’d do it.

Mind helping with mine?

Id do the smallwood for njoku over ekeler for burton especially if u want that handcuff and if u dont really need gordon then yea do that gronk trade but in my opinion gordon will be at the very least a weekly flex play

My other WR are Green, Thielen and Mr. Amari Pooper McsCooper himself.

personally, I would accept the 1st one. If you can get gronk that cheap, thats a steal. Josh Gordon could blow up into a WR2 but you alread have theieln and green. Williams is an intereting play some weeks.