Sell them or hold them?

Sell or Hold
Nick Chubb, Carlos Hyde, Julian Edelman, Gronk, AP, and Cousins

Full PPR.
I’m 5-1 probably 5-2 after some players underperforming
Should I sell some of these guys or stick through it?

Nick Chubb is getting more touches, out-touched Duke Johnson quite a bit this game with Hyde gone so I would hold on him.

Hyde is an unknown right now until we see some game time from him and how the Jags will use him.

Edelman is dominating in targets so I would definitely keep him.

Gronk is still one of the top TEs, just gotta monitor his health and keep a backup maybe.

AP is one I would sell, so long as you have some decent RB2/3s to fill the void.

Cousins is doing fine, I wouldn’t worry.

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Could be worth trying to shop out Hyde to an interested party. Seems like a bit of an ‘unknown’ at the moment so you may get a decent player in return. Try the team with Fournette.

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