Sell zeke or hold?

Thinking about shopping zeke to see if i can get a wr1 and then some.

12 team .5 ppr 1qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te 2 flex

Qb palmer/ luck (ir)
Rb bell/hunt/zeke/ingram/kamara/jamaal williams
Wr julio/tyreek hill/amandola/brown/brown
Te kelce
Dst stream
K who cares?

Thoughts? I know alot of my league is thin at rb and kinda wanna get rid of him before the risk.

You are in great position to do that, and improve on a WR.

If you can get a high end WR1+something worth looking at like an RB2/WR2 I would take that trade. If you can land Antonio, you will have 3 Browns.

I could possibly get evans and hogan or crabtree from an owner stacked at wr but short on rb.

Haha if i get antonio ill just rename my team to “Brown Town”

Evans and Hogan/Crabtree is absolutely solid. Your team would be incredibly stacked.