Selling A.jones High

I have decided to sell A. jones. What do you think would be fair market for him? Also if you were selling him what do you think would be realistic. I was hoping for a first round and a solid player rb/wr that could be a starter.

Also you think I should sell high or is value going to continue to go up.

Sell high, IMO. O-line got worse and he has a few massive games which skewed his #s dramatically.

Mack / Kerryon / Kupp / Locket + 1.05 - 1.10 is fair??

A couple of things. If you want to sell high, definitely be looking for a pick in the 1.03-1.07 range, plus a decent RB. Don’t know if you could get a Singletary, Carson or Mack plus the pick, but poke around that area. Go to WR if you need, depending on depth. Kupp, Gallup, etc.

I know a lot of people are uncertain about Jones moving forward, but I would watch the film on him last year. After I watch, I am convinced he is worth the hype right now and I saw an elite back that just flowed naturally in that system. But I get it. If you want to sell, definitely sell high