Selling Alf + Watkins - who should i target?

Alf is in a drop spot so i’m trying to package him with an injured Watkins. Who should I target?

Rest of Roster
QBs - Rivers, Stafford
WRs - OBJ, Tyreek, Boyd, C. Davis
RBs - Gurley, Mixon, White, Breida
TE - Ebron
DST - Chicago/TN (dropping TN next week)
K - Bailey

You could target someone like ingram or someone like Alshon. It’s hard to say since this is situational. Based on the other teams needs. Both of your players are low rb and wrs 2 or middle 3s. So honestly you won’t be getting a lot. Go for someone with upside.

I just sent one to the Alshon owner. his only RBs are Sony, Drake and Conner so i’m hoping he’ll bite.

Yeah that might work best of luck.

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Thanks. I’m hoping it will but i’m #1 in the league so i feel like i’m going to hit that wall soon where people don’t want to work with me lol.