Selling Green

PPR I give up AJ Green and Royce Freeman for TY Hilton and Tarik Cohen. If you need anymore information ask me, thanks footballers!

My knee jerk reaction is screaming no, but what’s the rest of your roster?

Freeman has been underwhelming sure but you’ll be buying high on Cohen.

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My RBs are: CMC, DJ, Royce, Kerryon, Montgomery
WRs: Green, Watkins, John Brown, Ridley, Kearse, Cole, Taywan Taylor

I’m 3-3 (2 Flex league also) and I guess I’m just trying to buy low on Hilton and the guy is asking for a WR 1. I suppose I’m just nervous with Green and Boyd. I do know that Cohen is high, but I can also see him getting more reps and carries.

AJ Green has 24.3% of the target share and just over 9 targets a game. Also TY is coming back from a hamstring injury, as much as I believe in his talent and opportunity share in Ind, hamstrings tend to linger: Fournette, cook ect

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Gotcha, I was double thinking it to begin with, you helped lean me out of it. I’m now trying to do OBJ for Green straight up

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