Selling Henry for Mixon

I’m in a half ppr league where you start one rb, wr and te and two flexes. This is my current roster:
QB: Josh Allen
RB: Derrick Henry
WR: Davante Adams
TE: Mark Andrews
FLEX: Odell Beckham Jr.
FLEX: Antonio Brown
Bench: Josh Jacobs
Bench: Tyler Boyd
Bench: Phillip Lindsay
Bench: Marvin Jones Jr.
Bench: Devin Singletary
Bench: Larry Fitzgerald

I offered Derrick Henry for Joe Mixon, trying to sell high and buy low. He countered with Joe Mixon for Derrick Henry + Larry Fitzgerald. Any counter offers you like or do you feel that’s fair given how deep I am at WR?

I would not trade Henry for Mixon.

I figured that would be the advice. I just can’t rely on a 75 yard play every game lol.