Selling high of Sutton/Mack

Just flipped Sutton & Mack for OBJ thanks to byemeggedon and a slow start for the OBJ owner.

My default starting roster now consists of:
QB: Tom Brady
RB1: James Conner/Le’Veon Bell
RB2: Ezekiel Elliott
WR1: Adam Thielen
WR2: Julio Jones
WR3: Odell Beckham Jr
TE: OJ Howard
Flex: JuJu Smith-Schuster
DST: stream

I almost want to rename the team to the Monstars :sunglasses:
Btw this is a 12 team full PPR league the resul of: good drafting, staying active on the wire, high leverage trading & great advice from the footclan.


Wow… and I thought I had a good squad lol. Go get the title


Well done. Really stacked team. I’d go and try to flip JJSS for someone of equivalent value if you can. I think Bell coming back eats into his volume and just generally not a big fan of stacking WR/RB combos. ESpecially when those RBs are pass catchers.

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Ik, but I love having him In my lineup, but ik you’re right.

Well its your team. And if you want to keep them, not going to kill you. Steelers is a great offense so can produce multiple viable guys. Not like you’re starting 2 guys from the jets or anything.

I’d probably also look at move Brady for a better QB. His playoff schedule isn’t the greatest and with a legit run game now, they just don’t need him to throw that much anymore. I’d much rather have like Wentz, Cam, Luck and maybe even wilson ROS.

If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll try to upgrade my QB schedule. I WAS hoping Winston could keep himself from getting benched, even then Tampa’s week 15/16 leaves something to be desired.

My super team is in jeopardy, at least one owner appears to be campaigning for enough votes to veto my acquisition of OBJ. It just needs to survive 9 more hours to be completed :crossed_fingers:

I won’t hold any grudges if it gets vetoed, but I will be a little sad. Although I’d like to point out to them the owner who I previously got Julio Jones off of, is doing a lot better in no small part to all the pieces I gave him in return for Jones. :sunglasses:

You should leave your league after you win. Any league that uses majority league veto is a lost cause.

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Idk about leaving, but I’ll make the recommendation for a commish only veto after the season. I understand why they’re worried about a super team forming.
Before this trade I am averaging 22 points over league average on a per week basis.
I’ll be going for the scoring title, #1 seed & most importantly the ship.

Did nobody else in your league draft? Your team is stacked lol

I drafted well, waiver wires better and killed it trading with high leverage. Some people see byepocolypse, I see opportunity

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Great news, the trade went through without a veto. Now to secure the top seed after a rough start to my season :angry: