Selling high on Mahomes?

Just out of curiosity would you trade mahomes for anyone in particular. I’m hurting bad at RB. Someone has Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones. And they also have Lamar Jackson. Idk if it would be worth it for them or not but would you try that trade? My starting running back is David Johnson btw or Raheem mostert.

Can you specify the trade that your considering?

Is this dynasty or redraft?

Yes, I’d consider selling Mahomes. Everyone has a price.

Just single season fantasy standard scoring 4pt qb.

Was thinking of targeting Aaron Roger’s and Aaron Jones, that person also has lamar Jackson so I doubt they would do it but was thinking of offering mahomes and something for those two. Other than that just curious what rbs you would target going after?

It’s hard to suggest target players. Every league is so different. You’re right that I would not expect the team with Rodgers and Lamar Jackson to trade for Mahomes. Look for a team struggling at QB. See what RBs they have that would make your starting lineup.

So looking at rbs what ones would you be willing to trade mahomes for? Like Elliot Kamara, which I’m sure no one would trade for or people like chris Carson ekler etc…

Again, hard to give individual player advise.

Scoring settings, number of teams, league manager tendencies all matter when considering a trade offer.

In the right environment I would trade for:

But that is not a license to just get one of these guys.