Selling High on TY

Currently have TY as my WR1 and although hes done well so far I don’t think hes going to keep up this TD production. Who should I be trying to target in trades?

Context would be helpful in terms of what you need on your team. But not knowing that, I’d just research the other teams in your league & see who needs a WR. Then I’d target say their RB1 or RB2+TE1 depending on their depth. Something like that… see what other teams need & try to come up with trades that will make sense for them, that’s how I approach trading in my leagues.

That being said, I really like how the Brissett has looked & the Colts offense as a whole. I don’t think Hilton will score 12 TDs or anything, but I think he could definitely produce at a high clip this year. Assuming this injury isn’t too serious.