Selling Hopkins in a keeper league - Advice needed, please

10 team standard. Keeper league - keeper’s round increases 2 rounds every year. I am out of the running for this year and have Hopkins to sell that I cannot keep. I have two offers:

  1. I can trade Hopkins (no keep) + David Johnson (keep in the 4th next year) for Thielen (keep in the 14th next year, 12th the following year, etc)


  1. Trade Hopkins for a first round pick.

I’m obviously very tempted by the pick…but having Thielen at great value for years to come seems awesome. I have possible keepers in Michael Thomas in the 7th next year, Ertz in the 6th, Kerryon in the 9th, Aaron Jones in the 12th).

essentially it’s Michael Thomas and Adam Thielen in the 7th and 14th with only 1 first round pick. Or Michael Thomas and David Johnson in the 7th and the 4th plus 2 first round picks.