Selling James Connor

Thinking about offering this trade in a 12 team PPR. Currently 2-2 but roster is getting narrow due to injuries.

James Connor and Tyreek Hill for Dalvin Cook and Calvin Ridley


He is also the Sammy Watkins owner, so he would still have the KC #1 WR

you can get better than ridley

Other WR options he has are Marvin Jones Jr, DJ Moore, and Watkins

Is conner worth trading for Kelce or Evans ?

I got Evan Engram. And about Mike Evans, our league unfortunately has position limits. It would have to be a 2 for 2 if I want to flip positions

Does everyone think Conner cant be at least an RB2 ?

Seems like everyone is bailing pretty quick.

Ya know the more I think about it the more I am going to keep him. I’m in a full ppr league and it so tough to find a back that is on pace for 80 catches. And with Rudolph checking down all the time conner could be an rb 1. I think I’m keeping him. Worst that could happen he gets hurt and I got samuels