Selling Jordan Howard - Help!

With 4 touchdowns in his last 3 games. I think it’s time to sell Howard at a reasonable price.

Which WR range for a team that needs a RB, could you sell Howard for?

And since my RB depth is great, with WR could you get selling Howard and Mack?


It depends on how much the other team needs RB depth. If they are needy you could probably get a low-end WR1 but I think that a high-end WR2 would be more realistic. Do some shopping with the RB needy teams first. I’d be as aggressive as possible.

The 3 most RB desperate teams top 3 WRs:

Team 1
A Brown
J Brown
R Woods

Team 2
Green (injuried tho)

Team 3

Bump for some more opinions.

Would love to sell Howard at the right price with my RB depth.