Selling Theilin High

I’m looking to move Thielen after this week. Looking to pick up an RB.

Who should I be aiming for? Also could include Sony in the trade if anyone bites!

He got swapped for Aaron Jones in one of mine.

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Really depends on what your team looks, what kind of league you’re.

I agree on if there is a time to sell thielen it would be now. His lack of volume when it comes to targets and receptions is concerning.

What do you guys think of Kittle+Thielen for bell? Have Waller for TE and lost Barkley

WRs include woods, Kirk, Hollywood, Moore
RBs Barkley, Jones, mattinson, mostert

Well Waller is a fantastic replacement in all league formats. So you’re set there.

Think you can pull off a trade, kittle + woods for bell?
You’d you have a strong running back group when Barkley returns.

Yeap, literally offered him Kittle+anyone but Thielen and Hollywood and Thielen is who he wanted. Was afraid I was losing too good of a WR from my group as they’ve all been mediocre so far

what kind of league? PPR?

12 team full ppr

saw juju swapped with thielen

well this a really tough choice,

Id probably would go for it. You have a replacement for kittle and Thielen who had a big week is not getting the volume for targets. Vikings are running the ball most of time, as a thielen owner myself i feel like hes almost become a TD dependent receiver.

Bell will get better when darnold comes back and offense doesnt become so one dimensional. plus his schedule in the second half of the season is awesome. Miami twice, , giants, oakland, bengals etc.

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Sold Thielen for Mack…Happy with the decision