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Semi Crappy Keeper Question


I am in 1/2 PPR Keeper league where I need to keep two. My first is Melvin Gordon but I need help on #2:
Demaryius Thomas / Keenan Allen / Sammy Watkins are my “options”, not the greatest but hopefully with my 2nd overall pick I can get WR-1 and this keeper would be my WR-2.


I would keep Thomas, definitely the safest of the 3!


yeah, if you want saftey, its thomas. if you want some boom potenital, its keenan.


Seconding this line of thought.


Yeah, that was my inclination as well but when you look at names for 6 months, I start doubting myself.


haha it happens to the best of us. i occasionally get trade paralysis because i will look super hard into my players i have in dynasty, and ill see so much potential i wont want to trade. in the end, i always go back to what i know to make my choices, not what i feel. well, at least sometimes haha.


DT is the safest for sure but, damn, I just have this feeling that Sammy Watkins is gonna have a year.


My hesitation with Sammy and Keenan is injury, but also the Bills/Chargers scheme. They changed the way they played and added pieces to make up for both of these guys going down. I am not 100% sure these players will be used in the same way or as much this season. Food for thought.

DT for a safe WR2 with some upside, Watkins for top 5 potential with huge injury risk, and Keenan for the in between.


The WR pool is deep this year. I say you go for the BOOM in Allen or Watkins. They both have top 5 potential. Odds are you can draft a Crowder type in the 5th that will match DT’s production.

If you recall, Watkins had ankle surgery. Then, corrective ankle surgery. EW, right? In the not so distant past, a player some may know, Julio Jones, had the same exact surgeries. The last real playing time Allen had was in 2014 due to season ending surgeries 2 years in a row. The Chargers just drafted a WR in the first round. Are they hinting that Allen may not make a 100% recovery? Chargers have more mouths to feed. Henry is a legit TD hawk. But, Bills didn’t pick up the 5th year option in Watkins’ deal. Does this motivate Watkins or tell us that he might not make it back from injury?

I like Allen based on the team he plays for.


I would go with Allen. I like his upside this year and though I have been saying this for several years now I really think this could be the year we have been waiting for. Watkins is flimsy and Thomas is to QB dependent. That said if Thomas can get a reliable QB he could be lethal.


Keep Thomas 5 straights years of 90 plus catches/140 plus targets. The only downside is his quarterback, but that seems like that’s been his biggest problem his entire career, not counting Peyton’s first year with Denver.


I would choose between Watkins and DT. Allen just has too much competition.

DT = Higher floor
Watkins = Higher ceiling