Semi final flex help!

Won’t be able to to play Washington unless my some miracle gruden sits Jacobs. So after injuries I’m stuck with Sony or Peterson as my flex this week… yea gross I know. Which should I go with? Full PPR

Gosh that is gross. I mean… Cincy sucks pretty hard. So I think there can be opportunity for Sony to get carried as they won’t NEED to throw. Though… NE throws when they’re up by 30 so…

I go Peterson. They’ll have to utilize the RB in the passing game and with Guice out, it’s going to be the Peterson show.

Yup lol I think Peterson is the play even vs philly who is decent vs the run. Sony sucks but always has that upside of tripping over the grass into the end zone a few times

Id go peterson, unfortunately lol

If you need a high upside I’d go with Sony. If you just want a solid 10 pts play AP.

I had Lamar with his great game and right now with Peterson in I’m favoured by 20pts. My opponent has Parker, fuller and CMC who are all able to have huge numbers. I have kamar, Chubb and Edelman so I think I can offered to go with the safe 10pts