Semi Final Start/Sit

Hey Everyone,

Looking for some line-up insight for to the Semis for a standard scoring league. Pick 3 of 4 players to play. Appreciate the help.

Mark Ingram
Justin Jackson*
Amari Cooper
Julien Edleman

*Have Melvin Gordon on my bench too

the only player I would be worried starting is justin jackson, sure he’s going to get the touches but we haven’t seen him perform with a large amount of carried just yet. Cooper is a must start out of the 3 I mean cmon the dude has totally reinvented himself with Dak. I would start Edleman as well. out of ingram and jackson i would choose jackson just because the matchup is a lot better.

I’d sit Edelman … and obviously Start Melvin over Jackson if he’s in!!

Yeah, I hear you. I’m just skeptical, everytime I’ve played Cooper he duds. Then when I bench him, he blows up. I played Jackson he did alright. Had Mahomes and Allen last night as well, my opponent had D Williams. In a rough spot right now and now over analyzing my roster.haha.

-Bonus Question-
Burton or Cj uzomah? My opponent has Mitch T for Qb.

Im rolling with burton