Semi Finals Line-Up Mess. In Need of Help

Hey guys first post here. I had a great team and went nuts at the trade deadline to try and bolster my lineup as much as possible (Traded picks and futures in keeper league). However over the last 2 weeks I have lost the following players:

Kareem Hunt
AJ Green
James Conner
Spencer Ware

I know. Awesome. Now I need help filling my 2nd RB spot and my flex out of the following players in PPR:

Damien WIlliams
Jaylen Samuels/ James Conner
Rob Gronkowski
Curtis Samuel

Im worried about Conner trying to play and then on a pitch count. I think I want to start Gronk. Pit has a terrible time covering TEs and he has destroyed them in the past. Any help is appreciated.

I think there is a lot of risk with Damien WIlliams. There is no guarantee he is the guy tonight. He is still a nice play, don’t get me wrong, but I would rather just wait and see what happens with Conner and play one of the Steeler backs. I like Samuel, but I would play Gronk over him in the flex.

My worry with sitting Williams out is if Conner comes back part time and then neither him or Samuels are worthy options. That would be worst case scenario. I could always start Williams and then Conner if he’s healthy over Gronk in the flex I suppose

Up to you. Have to trust your gut. To me though, Conner coming back and playing limited snaps seems like a not likely scenario though. So that’s a risk I am willing to take. There is like an 80% or greater chance one of those steelers backs is a good play.