Send Cousins/Bears D for Brees?

My roster:

Hunt, Zeke, D Cook, A Jones, KJ
MT, Diggs, Boyd, MVS, Hilton

I’m feeling like my only weakness is lacking an explosive QB with a high ceiling. Brees has such a juicy schedule and his owner also owns/prefers Goff.

He would trade my Cousins + Bears D for Brees. Bears have a pretty tough schedule ahead and streaming Ds will be pretty tough in my league.

Is this worth it for Brees?

Also: Trubisky is on the waiver. Just pick him up and forget Brees, or make this trade and pickup Trubi and roll with those two.

That’s my lean at this point but would appreciate any input.

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Great problems to have. I like the trade Idea as I like Brees ROS vs. Cousins, plus the MT stack attack is nasty. I’d grab TRUTH-bisky off waivers anyway. If you feel good about just using the Bears DST ROS, then just rotate your QB’s off the bench… But many people here advocate streaming DST’s all day everyday… Get more feedback…

Thanks so much for the input. Welcoming other thoughts.

I don’t like losing the Bears. They are a championship winner. Brees is amazing but not worth it to me when you have Cousins and Trubisky and other options I’d imagine. It’s not a sure thing that I’m correct at all, but I’d have a lot of Bears-loss regret.


Their playoff schedule a concern? I’d only feel comfortable playing them week 16 and Brees has a beautiful playoff schedule. Just curious if you considered that.

I stashed another D for playoffs as a bears owner. I like them but thee rams will tear them to shreds.
however them+cousins in this trade is worth more than brees. you are shortchanging yourself

Weeks 14 & 15 aren’t great. LAR and GB? These will be shootouts!

I do like Brees’ schedule for sure for playoffs.

I’d be fine with you sending over that offer. There’s plenty of other decent streamers. Patriots at home vs Buff being the juiciest one.

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Being able to package a D in a trade in order to upgrade a QB seems to be incredibly desireable on paper… at the same time, when is the D ever averaging solid WR 2 numbers? It’s really hard to trade something like that away. At the same time, you’d upgrade your QB and put yourself on the same playing field as your opponent when it comes to the D position. I’d be fine with it.

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I mean I don’t like the Bears D 14&15. Brees will be a monster all three playoff weeks imo.

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Then ship the trade! Brees should be able to crush…

Shipped. Thanks everyone