Send Help: Trade Advice

Devonta Freeman for Mike Williams, should I pull the trigger?

My RBs are:
Josh Jacobs
David Montgomery
Rashad Penny
Darwin Thompson

My WRs are:
Robert Woods
AJ Green (IR)
Tyler Lockett
Josh Gordon

4 man keeper league

I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think there’s any reason to trade before the season even starts.

yeah your depth is just fine for the start of the season… dont do it… Wait a week or 2 and pick up the new hotness on the waiver for WR… Way better for your team

I agree. You are paper thin at WR though with the green injury. We don’t really know Gordon’s role in NE yet either. What receivers are on your waiver wire? I think penny is dropable. Or better yet can you trade him to the Carson owner for a WR?

It’s a pretty deep league, the top receivers on the wire are like Chris Conley and the Beasles. Penny I like, but the Carson owner would only move me like Corey Davis, and I’d rather kms than roster him lol

What about the Damian Williams owner. Does he have a WR worthy of Darwin trade? He would have to be a solid WR as Darwin could see playing time and would absolutely ball out if Damien was injured