Send Hunt get CMC?

Man I really want CMC. Looks like it may take Hunt to get him straight up. CMC has the better playoff schedule, should still be in the hunt for the playoffs, and is a bigger portion of his offense than Hunt.

My main fear with Hunt is that they will clinch and slow his role around week 16.

Full ppr.

Hunt playoff schedule:




Would you make this trade for CMC?

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Yeah probably

CMCs schedule is awesome but personally I couldn’t get myself to do it. Hunt has such a legit running style.

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I love Hunt’s running style and it will kill me to send him. But I am trying to think in terms of playoff production. Who produces more points in the playoffs? That’s who i want on my team.

In a full PPR, give me CMC all day long. He’s been my RB2 in full PPR formats for a while now. Was on here telling people to trade away Zeke for CMC straight up after like week 2-3.

In half PPR its closer between Hunt and CMC but given playoff schedule, edge probably goes to him.

Just wish I got more shares of him in dynasty.

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So you would definitely make this trade in full/ppr non-dynasty, Mike? I also have Zeke, AJones and D Cook.

I would 100% take that trade. You have to play the numbers. And right now, CMC is both the RB1 and the WR1 on that team. And if you look at playoff schedule, CMC has a bad matchup vs saints but hunt gets chargers which isn’t exactly great either. They’ve only surrended like 1 rushing TD all season.

The money comes in week 16. CMC gets ATL at home who are they worst against pass catching backs and have been for years. That game is going to be lights out and win people championships.

Trade is sent. Thanks very much for input

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This is going to require Hunt and TY to obtain CMC. This is a negotiation between two seasoned salesmen, so he is drawing a firm line and i’m to the point of walking away.

However if i accept, this will be my lineup going into the playoffs:



DJ Moore
Traquan Smith
Reynolds (will pickup off waivers)

If i do not accept:


DJ Moore
T Smith

What are your thoughts?

Can you counter with Smith instead of Hilton.
I am all in about going in for CMC and going Hunt one for one but I don’t know man- Hilton is such a weapon as well.

Screw it. Get your title, if they don’t go for Smith counter get your man.

Oh i’ve made a strong arguement for Smith and DJ. He even wanted Hopkins and Hunt and I laughed at him. We’re to a settling point on Hilton + Hunt or the deal won’t happen either way.

With you depth, I think you could offer up TY.

Hopkins is automatic no matter the match up. Michael Thomas can have a mediocre game only once in a while but he’s a force. Your other guys although can be boom are bust are strong players.

Ha, the way CMC is scoring he’s getting RB1 points with low WR2 numbers combined.

I’ve made the offer man. To hell with it. If accepted, I will have overpaid repeatedly to get guys that i believe will be championship makers. I’ll ride or die with Brees, CMC, Zeke, MT, Hopkins and Aaron Jones every week.

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Hell of a starting lineup.

That looks nasty!

Take the trade. It doesn’t matter when you overpay in the redraft league if it makes your team better.

Hilton doesn’t really make your line up. I’m not starting him over Jones or Cook in most matchups.

That’s where I’m at. Just concerned about week 15 with AJ playing the Bears. But Minnesota plays Miami so that should be fine.

Yeah you can sub in Cook that week pretty easily. Although I do think the bears run D is beatable. They really haven’t faced any elite RBs the entire season. The week they were supposed to face Michel, he got injured but he started off hot getting like 30+ yards in a couple touches before going down. And then when they played vs Lions, Kerryon did fine as well. Given Jones is involved in the pass game as well, I’m not even sure if I’ll be benching him that week. I’m probably starting him but can cross that bridge when I get there.

Right. Thanks again for the input. He again came back with Hunt + Hopkins. I attempted to shake his hand and said “we got close”, then rejected the deal. I think he will accept the Hilton deal when it’s said and done.