Send Keenan and lynch for brown and Derrick henry

.5 ppr
i may try and snag murray low from another team in my league. does this make since it too fancy?

If you mean Antonio brown and Derrick henry then I’m not sure if the other team will bite.

An injury prone wr and an old rb for the best receiver in the league and a young stud waiting to take the league by storm doesn’t make much sense to me.

I got henry on my team and I’m mulling over what to do.

I had them both last year on one team and I’m worried the same thing at the end of last season is going to repeat itself where they were both getting the hot hand treatment. One guy would go off and the other would basically take the day off.

I’m thinking of trading when henry’s value is higher than right now but demarco’s lack of production makes me wonder if he’s done.

I’m probably keeping henry in the end.