Send me luck footclan!

Because julio went off vs me

Im down by 32 with Brown and Jamaal williams left tonight.

Send good vibes!!!

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You’re not doing bad at digging out of that hole. Brown needs at least one score to help you out.

The guy I played last week has Julio. I’m the commissioner and he asked me a few days ago about our no-drop list and wondered if I could do something because he wanted to drop Julio. After Julio’s 2nd TD I asked him if he still wants me to help him drop Julio. LOL!

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Looks like they pulled it out! Tough hole to dig out of but my whole team minus mariotta was in double digits.

Thats hilarious. You shouldve just traded him for julio haha

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I played against Marvin Jones and was worried about digging out of that hole, but now I’m going to win by about 50 over the #1 team in our league. Don’t you love a come-from-behind victory?

Started the game down by 32 ended up winning by 31 lol

I had Jones, he had Brown. I’m currently up by 0.5! He has Lamar Miller and I have the Ravens Def. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!!!

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I pass my luck on to you and wish you many pick 6 and sacks.

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Thanks! I have 11 guys playing and he only has one. That has to count for something right?!