Sensitive Issue - looking for advice

I’m a co-commish in one of my leagues and we’ve been trying to boot a GM for several years (person that’s not really friends with anyone, always takes forever to pay dues and makes up ridiculous excuses not to - dues are only $30, and is down-right annoying sometimes).

This past year, this GM stopped setting their lineup, and we thought “now’s our chance to boot him!” When we called him out, he told us he had cancer, and now we both feel a little bad. We told him to take his time and we would set his lineup for him (but not make any transactions). Did that for half the year.

Ok, now it is the off-season. Now what do we do?

Ooooo… That’s a rough situation. A little compassion could go a long way. My first thought was to set a deadline for dues and boot him if he misses the deadline… but given the circumstances, I’d recommend finding him a co-owner to help manage the team.

Ooh, thanks, that’s a good idea. I didn’t even think of a co-owner. If he’s ok with that as an option this year, that would make the transition smoother if he stops responding later in the season or next year.

Great idea, I probably would have booted him unless I could snoop on him via social media to verify the cancer claim. Call me a bad person, but it seems suspicious that that only came up when he was about to get kicked out.

We wound up reaching out to him by e-mail and said if he needed more time he could consider a co-owner. No response, so he was replaced in two leagues. Feel sorry for the guy, but he should still respond to people.