Serious Inactive Question

Question: If a player is inactive before the game or, deemed inactive moments before KO, should the owner be permitted to replace that player at all or, at any given time they want, to include after all games for the week have been played by the league manager?

I have an opinion but wanted to see what others thought.


Absolutely not. That gives them an unfair edge. To be able to add the highest scoring player without making any predictions contradicts the whole spirit of fantasy football. Also they should be paying attention to that and making adjustments as they need to. Inactives come out 30 minutes before the game normally.

Agree. I have never seen it where it is so close that the owner could not swap. 1-5 minutes, still plenty of time. Just a couple of clicks.

It has less to do with the inactive player and more to do with bad management for whatever reason. They should not get a mulligan. That is unfair to the opponent and ruins the comradery of the league. If a player is that questionable have to watch it like a hawk and be ready to adjust.