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Serious lack of depth at RB. Help!


Hey all, I got out of hand at WR during my draft. I kept getting my RB’s sniped before me and I kept seeing some serious upside in the WR’s. I need your opinion on my RB’s and what I should do.

My Team is the following:
QB: Dack Prescott
RB: DeMarco Murray, Christian McCaffrey, Doug Martin, and Jamaal Charles
WR: Mike Evans, Pryor Sr., Marvin Jones, Corey Coleman, DeVante Parker, Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp
TE: Jimmy Graham & Hunter Henry

On the waivers there are a few backs the FF’s continue to bring up such as:
RB: Rex Burkhead, Alvin Kamara, Branden Oliver, Wendell Smallwood, Jamaal Williams, Samaje Perine, and James Connor.

What are your thoughts on this? This is a tricky situation. I was betting on Doug Martin but there is a chance he comes back and isn’t the starter. Also, if you were to pick someone up who would you drop and why?

Thank you all!!


I think Doug Martin will be the starter when he comes back. This has been his best offseason ever.

I would pick up Alvin Kamara first from that list of waivers.


I disagree. Burkhead would be the clear choice for me. Kamara has next to no chance at a lead role (aside from injury). Burkhead may be the favorite. I’d also strongly consider trading some of that ridiculous WR depth for some help at RB. I also agree regarding Martin.

Edit: Smallwood would need to get a hard look too. I may put him ahead if Burkhead, not sure, but it would definitely be them at 1 and 2 in some order, then Kamara.


Who would you drop to pick up Burkhead? Or would you wait out week one and try to make a trade based on performances? @DFWB


That’s tough. I wouldn’t really want to drop any of those guys, if I could avoid it. I’d consider finding someone who’s weak at TE and offer a 2 for 1 trade, including one of your TEs to upgrade a player. That would preserve, and consolidate value and free up a spot. If you’re nervous and want to make a move now, I’d drop Kupp.


@DFWB I agree. I will try to work in a trade. It is all extremely hard to judge since it is prior to week 1.


As always. Kupp really us expendable on this roster, but I try not to throw away value if I can avoid it, and he certainly has value.