Serious lineup issues - looking for some help

Hello everybody.

As you will be able to tell when looking at my lineup, I’ve lost a few pieces throughout the year and now sit with a roster full of guys that all seem to be RB2 or WR2 potential. I’m sitting at 1-3 and obviously now is the time I need to bring it back. I still believe my roster has the potential to do it, but for the life of me I can’t figure out who is going to be the guys weeek to week.

Any advice is appreciated.

QB: Dak Prescott
RB: Jay Ajayi, Tarik Cohen, Bilal Powell, Theo Riddick, DeMarco Murray
WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, Jamison Crowder, Martavys Bryant, Danny Amendola
TE: Kyle Rudolph
K: Greg Zeurlein
D: Bills

Starting lineup is standard 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D and it’s a PPR.

Again, thanks for any help finding Clarity fellas.

Looking at your squad, it looks good to me. I would drop or package some players creatively to the teams that may have Henry, Forte or Howard and get solid pieces in return. try and pick up ASJ for TE streamer against the browns this week.

I was looking at ASJ, but couldn’t decide who to drop. Don’t want to make the mistake of Rage dropping Rudolph and then he starts clicking. Who’s the weakest link here if you were to drop one?

I’m right there with you. I lost Kevin White, Carr and Crabtree are banged up, Rob Kelley can’t stay healthy, Doctson is nicked up now too. I have alot players im not confident in starting for me. That being said I agree with the other comment that you have a solid team. I had Cutler and Stills starting this week, but I still think Miami will turn things around this year, don’t sell low on Ajayi, you won’t get enough in return.

If you can trade DeMarco to the team with Derrick Henry maybe you can get a solid RB in return. Tennessee is looking shaky this year, and DeMarco’s value might tank. If you were going to drop anyone I would drop Crowder. He has to compete with Pryor, Doctson, Reed, Davis, Chris Thompson, and the Redskins are running alot this year. I think a solid lineup this week could be similar to:


Good Luck

You wouldn’t trust Ajayi in the matchup?

I actually don’t think your roster is bad. You have a solid, consistent team but you lack BOOM guys that can win a week for you. If I were you I’d target a guy like Diggs or Gilly; guys who are match up dependent that can absolutely go off. That said, don’t trade your strength to get them.

On the way back from London I would not, especially after the atrocious game the entire offense had. Miami has gone from LA, then NY, on to London, now to Miami, then to Atlanta. I think he’s playable against Atlanta, atleast they’ll be in the same timezone 2 weeks in a row. But the team looked bad as a whole in London. The line stunk, the receivers stunk, after the pick Cutler stunk. I’m not sure about this week. Also you’re in a ppr and Ajayi was not playing on catching downs, I was watching the game in agony as my week was crushed. Williams and Drake were catching on 3rd down.

Second half of the season he has some very nice matchups, but Im weary right now personally.

Working out a trade right now to give up Ajayi and Luck for Fournette. No brainer right?

If I can pull it off I figure that will give me the boom that my team is lacking.