Serious Question about Fantasy Football and Life

I have a serious question that doesn’t have to do with waivers, trades, or starts and sits, but I’ll try to keep it short.

I know fantasy football is all for fun, and most of it is completely out of our control. However, I find that it really affects my mood, especially when my expectations are built up, and then I lose. I’ve finished 2nd, 4th, and 2nd, again, in the past 3 years of my friend league, but I easily put the most time into doing research and making picks or trades. Now I’ve started 0-1 and am at the bottom of the standings due to lowest score.

I’ve always been incredibly competitive in almost everything I do. I’m curious if anyone else in the #FootClan has this issue ? I’d like to somehow move away from letting these losses ruin my weekend and early parts of the week, and just get back to enjoying football. I don’t think the answer is to just stop playing fantasy football.

What do you all do to help with this? How does one just take a step back and remember that it’s really just fantasy football…?

@JasonFFL @AndyHolloway

How many leagues are you in? Personally I had to step away from one or two in the past to get back to enjoying the game again. I also quit fantasy hockey 100% for this reason. I obsessed all season long about lineups and fantasy to a point where I’m sure I spent a few hours at work each day playing it. I would go to games and spend the whole time on my phone rather then looking up and enjoying superstars play.

My one super competitive league I am in now is one that I commish and I have made the league more about the sunday football chat then about the league. Our 12 team league has about 22 people in the group chat just for the great football talk on Sundays. It really should be about enjoying the game

I’m in 4 leagues, but only care about 2 of them. My main league is highly competitive between a solid group of friends, but our group chat consists more of trash talking than actually enjoying the game or fantasy. It does seem like it’s gotten to the point where everyone’s ego is through the roof depending on the players they have on their team. Not entirely sure how to reverse that…

I also get heavily distracted by fantasy, either during the work day or on the weekend. I also check the scores, or check my phone for updates or see what possible trades I could make. This is the worst I’ve ever started in fantasy across my teams and in terms of how many points I put up this past weekend.

Thanks for the input! Very curious what other people in the #FootClan think Wonder if the guys would be able to talk about this for a second or two on a show this week.