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Serious thought


Thinking about dropping amari Cooper for Quincy enunwa. Is that just thinking crazy after week one or should I do it? I feel like every week I am gonna question starting Cooper and he’s gonna have plenty of dud games when I would feel way more comfortable throwing enunwa in there when it looked clear they are gonna look his way often. Cooper is looking like my worst WR.
I have
Emmanuel Sanders
Sammy Watkins
John Brown


try to trade cooper off of name alone or stick with him and see if he does anything rest of year. i would try and grab enunwa but to drop cooper for him is not a good move. trade first see if anyone bites, then go after enunwa with a different player.


Please don’t do that. That’s the definition of a 1 week overreaction.

  1. Dropping Cooper would make someone in your league very happy
  2. You’re overreacting to Week 1 results.
  3. I didn’t watch the game, but against a top defense, and lock down corners, doesn’t it make sense to stretch the field with your WRs and let the TE/ RB do all the work?

It’s not going to happen every week.


Very hard to predict targets for Oakland this season i reckon, Cooks lead the targets with 12 Richard 11 then Nelson with 4? Even with Crabtree gone i think Roberts will get a bump in targets and maybe push for a 75-80 target year?

Cooper hard to predict this year but got to wonder with your team if you would prefer to keep Watkins or Cooper.


Yeah I know it’s a big overreaction. I think it’s partially do to having him last year but man it drives me nuts when a guy like him has a bad week. He’s just so big! Lol. How do you not throw to him 12 times a game?


I a cooper owner and as pissed as I am about last night the thought of dropping him hasn’t even crossed my mind. That’s a lot of draft capital you have invested in him just to drop him. I agree with the others, the only way I would get rid of him is in a trade. If you’re hell bent on getting rid of him, pray that he has a great game next week and then shop him.


Thanks for the input every one. Much appreciated. Everyone agreed on dropping Watkins for enunwa?


Cooper sucks! I’m holding him but he’s on a short leash. What a dumpster fire.