Seriously! Can I trust Royce Freeman? Or Tevin Coleman for that matter

RB situation has been a mess since McKinnon went buh-bye. Deep 16 team PPR league - waivers are thin and trades, thinner.

I’ve managed to cobble together Ito Smith. Coleman, Freeman, Breida - just grabbed Mostert and still waiting on Founette. From all the match up evals I’ve read and listened to, it sounds like I’m starting Royce and Coleman (I only have 2 RB slots, no FLEX) but I am so sick of these two f*cking me over with their bs.

Can I trust 'em?

I have Freeman too, haha, yeah its frustrating. I have M. Gordon, J.Howard(-_-), and Mack in front of him for now, plus Ekeler on my bench. Freeman has to show up this week and have another nice week against the Chiefs the week after or I’m going to drop him honestly. He has such good upside but he isn’t being used enough. He looks so good when he gets the ball, this week excluded.

I would probably play Smith over either of them just for those goal line touches. Coleman after that, then Freeman. SF plays the Rams so I would put Breida and Mostert last. Double up with Atlanta so you don’t miss out on whichever back has a nice game, one of them has to have a good one. I’ve used both M.Gordon and Ekeler together and it worked out.

I really liked Coleman before the season, had him on my championship team a couple years ago. I feel like he’s the Jordan Howard of the Falcons. The offense is changing and he’s suffering as a result. I think they’re both playable this week for sure. I would be playing Freeman if Mack wasn’t ready

Running backs have been frustrating this season, I feel your pain, I’m really glad I was right about Gordon atleast. I would be in real trouble otherwise. Hope things work out this week.

In a 16 team I think you will be fine running these two out.