Set my line up for the title!

Standard scoring, going up against a team with: mahomes, cmc, hopkins, ebron(or gronk)
I lost obj and cam newton for this week, so heres my roster:
QB - Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson
RB - Joe Mixon, James Conner, Jamaal williams, Jordan Howard, Jaylen samuels
WR - Antonio Brown, Tyler Lockett, Robby Anderson
TE - Trey Burton
K - Badgley
D/ST - Titans, Broncos

Starters: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1D

Allen, Mixon, Conner (if healthy), Brown, Anderson, Jamaal Williams, Tre Poo Poo, Badgley, Titans D

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QB= Allen… RB= Mixon, Williams… WR= Brown, Lockett… Flex= Samuels DST= Titans

I dont expect Conner to play but if he does blah blah obvious advice lol

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QB - Allen
RB - Mixon, Samuels
WR - AB, Anderson
TE - Trey
DST - Titans
K - Who cares

*note - if you can play Samuels as a TE, then do that, and flex Williams.

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So, everybody agrees on
Te, k and d/st

Looks like im going to strugle deciding between Anderson and Lockett…
And im playing samuels(or conner) as rb and williams as flex then

I cant, unfortunatelly haha cause i really need someone more reliable than burton at TE

I can see the case point for Lockett. That is a tough call, since Seattle has been so run heavy. But again, the narrative would suggest that Seattle will have to try and keep up with KC’s scoring, so he could be used.

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Yeah, lockett disappointed me a lot in the last 2 weeks, my first thought after he did almost nothing last week was to bench him for anderson, but the matchup is really juicy for the seahawks… i think he will be safe as long has he scores a TD. If baldwin again gets all the points, then i will be very mad lol

Starting Baldwin so I hope you end up very mad :rofl::joy:

Anderson is the WR1 for that that team, whereas Lockett is the #2. He may still get the volume, but Anderson is safer with his floor, and they both have a good ceiling.

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