Set my Lineup. Big matchup. Who are you starting?

Big week against first place team. My team is in second. A win would tie our records.

10 team PPR.
Which lineup are you starting based on these players?

QB- Brees
RB- Gordon, Hunt, McKinnon, Montgomery, Mixon
WR- M. Thomas, Baldwin, Cooper, R. Woods, E. Sanders, K. Benjamin
TE- Walker, Henry
K- Butker
DEF- LA Chargers (Broncos available FA)

Thanks for any input.

Edit: 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex

How many of each position can you start?

I think I would probably start Brees at Qb. Tough decision though. haah Walker at tight end as long as he plays. Gordon Hunt at rb. Thomas Baldwin at wr. And I lean Cooper at flex because of the matchup/coming off bye. Stick with Chargers defense.

2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex

Gordon & Hunt
Thomas and Baldwin
Woods or McKinnon at Flex

RBs: Hunt and Gordon
WRs: Thomas and Baldwin
FLEX: Woods

Cooper is an option at FLEX, but I don’t trust the Raiders on a trip like this (and I am a Raider fan so… I’m prepared to cry). Woods has been the number 1 and isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

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Good to have a Raider fan’s POV. I really want to start Cooper since he has a good matchup and the Raiders may be playing from behind.

At this moment, McKinnon is in my FLEX but every time I start him it is a Murray game and McKinnon lets me down.

I feel like Woods, Cooper, and McKinnon are all good flex options. I just need upside.

I wouldn’t fault you for starting Cooper. I really wouldn’t. As a McKinnon owner myself, I understand your pain and frustration. I would say your choice comes down between Cooper and Woods.

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It is always going to be a Murray game unless the Vikings get down big. Which will probably be seldom with that defense. That’s not to say Mckinnon can’t have a big game any given week. But in normal game script Murray is going to keep seeing 15-20 carries. It has been that way every week since Cook went down. Mckinnon just has to be efficient with his touches, which he has shown the ability to do.

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Good points. It just seemed like for awhile Murray was very inefficient with his touches, leading to more McKinnon. And, as always, McKinnon’s value has been in PPR. He was getting a lot of targets there for awhile.