Set my Lineup!

Qb: Big Ben
Rbs: Hunt, Ajayi, Burkhead, Perine (Pick 2)
Wr: Aj Green, Hopkins, Crabtree, Jordy, Dede Westbrook (Pick 2)
Te: Ertz
Flex: Wr/Rb

Pretty close to sitting Aj or Hopkins this week for one of Jordy or Dede, let me know what you’d do!

I would go with

RBs: Hunt and Goathead (we all saw that Pitt D without Shazier against Baltimore; gross)
WR: Green and Hopkins
FLEX: Jordy

Don’t sit your studs! Green and Hopkins are auto-start. If Dede Westbrook blows up on your bench it will be a lot easier to swallow than it would to see AJ Green with a matchup winning week sitting on the bench.

I could see maybe going with Westbrook or Ajayi instead of Nelson - but with Rodgers back, I would go with Jordy.

Good luck