Set my Lineup

Standard 2RB, 2WR, and a flex

RB: Ito Smith, Latavius Murray, Nick Chubb, Alvin Kamara, Lesean McCoy

WR: Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery, Calvin Ridley, Golden Tate, Tyler Boyd

Currently I have RB: McCoy, Kamara WR: Boyd, Tate, Flex: Chubb

With the high winds in Philly I was nervous about playing Jeffery

Rb Karma Murray
Wr Tate boyd
Flx chubb or Jeffery (if the winds arent bad)
If its windy I’d consider Gordon over jeffery

If it’s windy wouldn’t I just play Chubb?

You can. I’m just saying you can consider Gordon as a good flx also. Being that the bears secondary has been getting burned deep especially with his speed. Trust me on that I’m a bears fan.

Also consider mack could be out against the Pat’s which will hurt the pass rush and give Brady more time to throw deep

Fair enough. Any specific reason to put Murray over both Chubb or McCoy?

Murray is going to be the lone back against a jets run d that isnt that good and he played really well last week. McCoy will get the volume but indy has been a better d than the jets and if the Bill’s fall behind McCoy is gunna be scripted out. Luck has been throwing so much it’s hard to believe the Bill’s will keep up. Chubb you just dont know how it’s going to shake out yet. It’s a great match up for him but he wont be a lone back with Duke getting the passing work. Also consider this McCoy has only had to 12pt games in ppr on 16 & 22 attempts

Why would McCoy be scripted out? He’s a pass catching back and one of the best in the league and better than most of their WRs. That logic makes absolutely no sense. McCoy is a safe play this week.

This is a standard league btw

Edit: nvm I did say that

Based on his stats leading up to this week hes done nothing fantastic. So you can’t say hes one the best as of right now cause they have done nothing to help him get going. And if they fall behind McCoy doesnt get put in the slot to run deep routes or over routes so theres a definite chance he does not get what you want. McCoy may be safe but I’d rather put my faith in any of the other guys on his team. @GJN27

Give me a guy with the guaranteed workload (regardless of score and situation) with now a competent experienced QB than any other option listed. He is better than everyone but Zay and Kelvin