Set my playoff lineup

I missed a first round bye by 1.5 points!! I have some rough match-ups. Standard scoring league. 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 W/R Flex, and 1 DEF. My main concern really is my WRs. Horrible match-ups. I’m playing Hunter Henry at TE because my original TE is Gronk (thanks for being an asshat, Gronk). I’ll list my position players along with their opponents. Let me know what you think! Thanks foot clan!

QB: Rivers (WAS), Newton (MIN)
RB: Bell (BAL), Kamara (ATL), Perine (LAC), Hyde (HOU)
WR: Dez (NYG), Goodwin (HOU), Baldwin (JAX), Funchess (MIN)
DEF: Packers (CLE), Ravens (PIT)

I also just dropped the Rams defense because they play Philly. I could pick them back up if that seems like a good idea, but I assume it’s terrible. The obvious starts are Bell and Kamar. I also assume Rivers over Newton. But, out of the WRs and remaining two backs (Hyde and Perine), I can play 2 WRs and a FLEX. Where do I go?!

Tough but i like Dez and Baldwin and Perine in the flex

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You think Baldwin can have success against that Jacksonville secondary?

Dez and Goodwin. Flex Funchess

Baldwin plays mostly out of the slot so he can work the middle of the field with Jimmy Graham. I wouldn’t blame you for benching him but I won’t bench him myself

That is a solid point about baldwin ill give you tht but i still think Funchess and Goodwin outscoure him this week

I like Dez and Goodwin this week based on matchup. Also think Perine is a good flex over baldwin against Jacksonville (which is a very risky play) and over Funchess against rhodes, or whoever the corner is because most of the Vikings corners are pretty solid.

You think Funchess will outscore him with Xavier on his ass?

Yes i do because of the conditions of game. both fighting for playoff position and both are highly competitive. i dont think there D’s will be as dominant as everyone thinks

Skype water bet? :smile:


Put it on the board! lol

BTW i am a Vikings fan if tht gives you a clue as to how much i believe

wow your drive might make me put Baldwin on the bench and play Funchess

Is there a way to tag Andy and the other hosts for this? I bet they would love this!

I like the Rivers-Henry connection, Bell, Perine, Dez, Goodwin and Kamara as your flex.

I’d start Dez and Goodwin (Jax scares me against Baldwin) and then go Bell, Kamara and Perine in your flex.

I think THIS is the way I am leaning. I just wasn’t sure I could start Goodwin over Baldwin or Perine or Baldwin in the Flex spot. I figure Dez is a start against the Giants.