Pick 1:
Going to start Ekeler

Remaining RBs
-Tevin Coleman vs Ravens (Ew)
-Carlos Hyde vs Indy
-Blount vs Rams (potential juicy matchup, but lions might behind fast and not get the carries).

Gordon injury is hurting, but i should be good.

Ouch thats rough; I lean Hyde because Jax seems to not like Yeldon for some reason. Meanwhile, with game script heavily favoring LAR, I think Riddick will be in for a good day and Blount won’t do a whole lot. As for Coleman, he only gets 10-12 touches a game and is playing a very good Baltimore Defense. He could hit big because he’s a good player; but, I think the probability favors Hyde.

That is the same line of thinking i had. Plus maybe with kessler starting the jags will have a run heavy game script